Most people feel small in a great big world. They believe the world doesn’t know or care about them or their businesses.
How could the world care about an individual or a single business while it is engrossed with another dumbed-down reality television show, news of another young movie stars’ most recent 21-Day Program, which candidate lied about the other candidates’ lying about their lies, or how wide a senator’s stance was in a bathroom stall?
The reality—the true secret of the universe—is that the world needs you. It needs your voice, your mind, your energy, and it definitely needs your laughter.
The world needs to know you and the products or services your business offers.
So, now that you know the secret, the question you must ask yourself is this:
Are you ready for the world? Are you the leader you want to be? Is your business a well-oiled machine? Have you done everything you can to tell the world about you and your business? Does the world know where to find you? Do you even know what to do when the world does find you?
Get ready for the world.


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