Small Like a Bullet

We‘re idea-shapers and storytellers.
We hold everything we do up to a guiding standard: Does it fully engage our client’s audience and drive their desired results (up on two screeching wheels like Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt)

About Us

OUR PEOPLE: Our team is made up of former C-suite and VP level pros attracted by SeaChange’s mission and style. We are servant leaders. We are counselors. We are story finders and storytellers. We never jump on the rolling bandwagon of trends, but instead take our own train and make our own way. We are people who look for the narrow path and the “other way” of reaching goals. We are the kind of people who believe if you want to sell more hardback books, you get builders to build more bookshelves in new homes. We are a professional firm with a reputation for distinct insights, exploratory creative ideas, contagious energy, ballsy action, and producing results for our clients. No matter the size of the company, we embrace each client with the same passion for creating measurable results. We're huggers, what can we say?


Brand Building

We find and tell the stories that interest your audience, leverage your name and brand, and elevate it to top of the pile for real brand recognition. You want to be a recognizable name/brand in your industry we create the strategy and craft the tools to build the awareness to move you there.

Media Relations

We craft and create press releases and attention-grabbing press kits. We have a time-tested “special sauce” recipe for media pitching and story development. We manage press tours, publicity events, product launches, product seeding, and “expert sourcing.”


As expert story-finders and storytellers we are pretty amazing at creating written and multi-media content. Think white papers and case studies that fly and sing. Editorial the media might was well just slap a by-line on and run. Videos, PowerPoints, infographics, or any other medium that tell your story.

Media Coaching and Training

Your executives and spokespeople need to ready speak to the media about your industry and issues. We help coach and train them on how to be an effective communicator.

Strategic Philanthropy

Sometimes aligning your organization, people, and/or brand with a cause is the right thing to do. We help identify and facilitate these programs, and give them wings.

Thought Leader/Advocacy

We help position key executives and personnel as industry thought-leaders and experts on particular issues through targeted media outreach and content creation. It’s simple and powerful.

Online Reputation Management

Search engines can make or break a company/brand’s reputation. Negative press, reviews, or comments left to linger can sour a potential customer’s choice before they every reach out to you. Online reputation monitoring is essential. We help with tactics for changing the negatives into positives (or neutrals if that best serves your goal.)

Corporate Brand Communications and Blog Services

Whether within your organization, among your customer base, or across an industry, it’s all about engagement. Getting people on-board with your message. We help tell the stories that pull them in, excite and inform them, and lock in their loyalty. 

Crisis/Strategic Communications

Being ready for any contingency is a smart business strategy. Know how to respond and react to a crisis is vital. We help prepare you for anything, and we’re ready at a moment’s notice to spring into action if a crisis unfolds. We’re there with you crafting the message, doing the work, steering the bus towards resolution.


You can’t capture a heart until you capture the brain. Neurobiology proves it. A well-constructed, character-driven, emotional story affects the insula (or insular cortex) and causes the brain to make more oxytocin—the neurochemical that motivates cooperation with others. Our work begins with the simple structure of human-scale stories that elicit emotions and are told in the successful connection of cause-and-effect structure. In other words, we know how to craft and tell a good story. 

Media Strategy Next

Think media 1.0 + media 2.0 + whatever comes next. Your strategy should be a comprehensive and unified communications approach. We unite traditional media and new media into a cohesive strategy.


From Edgy New Startups to Established Brands

Unlike most firms, we don’t wave our client list about like a lost swimsuit in the pool at a frat party. Our experience is both wide and deep with small, medium, and very large companies and campaigns. We spend our time working for our clients. If you’ve found us, it's because someone recommended us, or you’ve seen our work. We quietly work, play, learn, live, eat and drink, and make it all about you and your business. A "sea change" isn’t just a change; it's a transformation.

SeaChange Global